The beginning of this simply wonderful collaboration started with a nice cup of tea in Laura’s workshop about a year ago. We chatted about life, my travels, Laura’s designs and about the Tchaikovsky Concerto. We had quite a clear image about comfort and style, luxury and elegance. I trusted Laura from the very minute I […]

October 25, 2014

A Royal Concert

I was thrilled to perform with the Fundatia Principesa Margareta a Romaniei Orchestra and Tiberiu Soare at the Romanian Athenaeum in Bucharest last night, on the 93rd birthday celebration of King Michael I of Romania. What a night! 3rd Tchaikovsky in a row 🙂 It was wonderful to see the Romanian Royal Family again and to be surrounded by some […]

I thought the day before yesterday was exhausting and quite difficult, well that’s because I never thought I’d play in 2 different countries on the same day but that time has come! Incredibly enjoyable rehearsal in Bucharest with the Princess Margareta Foundation Orchestra and Tiberiu Soare. The kids are amazing, so much enthusiasm and love […]

The most exciting week of my life so far has begun. 6 am start, huge storm in London but somehow I get to Paddington. Train delays everywhere, people soaked and quite a grim atmosphere. I finally board, change at Bath Spa, where the next train is 40 minutes delayed -this means I will only have […]

October 19, 2014

Musical marathon 2

After quite an eventful morning, which involved buying coffee and water (forgetting I was booked in first class!), spilling the coffee and the water all over myself on the train, I finally got to Thirsk, where I was welcomed with a huge hug from a very dear friend, Mr Merriam. Sowerby Music is one of […]

October 16, 2014

Musical marathon 1

The “marathon” has begun! 2 weeks, 10 concerts, 3 children workshops and 461 pages of beautiful music. It all started today, with a full length recital in Eaton Square in London, in a beautiful church in Belgravia. Later I found out one of my best friends got married in that same church about 30 years […]

Bristol is gorgeous! My first time in St. George’s- one of the best acoustics I’ve come across, a jewel amongst the concert halls. A joy to share the stage with Brandon Hill Chamber Orchestra Page & Jamie Phillips and meet Prof Barry Cooper who ‘reconstructed’ Beethoven’s 10th Symphony, played in the concert last night.   Managed to […]