July 26, 2013

Day 10

Half way through the Festival Academy. Masterclass with Gabor Takacs-nagy on Faure 2nd mvmt of Piano quartet- complete bliss! He created a Parisian atmosphere and said the audience is the mirror of the performer. Beautiful way of communicating and inspiring us. Then Media Training Coaching with theatre director Tim Carroll who talked about charisma, one’s ability to change, fear and being slave to one’s own habit. Food for thought… In the evening practiced a bit of Shostakovich PC 2 to play in last lesson for the B man tomorrow morning. Then went to hear Evgheni Kissin play Beethoven, Schubert and Liszt. Got myself a nice front row seat and enjoyed the ride. In the interval I saw Maestro Bashkirov- he was kind & humorous. We took a photo together. He said he’ll be very nice to me if I bring him the printed photo tomorrow. This is my mission tonight. He also said ‘Don’t play the Shostakovich tomorrow, play something serious’…Auch! I knew I shouldn’t have practiced earlier. For those who come at 9.30am, bring popcorn. It’s gonna be a blast! with Ingmar Lazar and Alice Burla.
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