August 1, 2013

Day 16

The HIGHLIGHT of the Festival was the Verdi Requiem conducted by Gianandrea Noseda this evening. I can’t describe what a powerful experience this was. It was frightening and divine… we also had our chamber music concert with Faure Piano Quartet no 1 which was a lot of fun with lots of friends supporting us, thank you so much to all there! Janine Jansen, Helmerson, Carpenter and Yuja took an insanely fast tempo in the last mvmt of Brahms quintet this eve. Interesting combination of artists I thought but wait until we hear Yuja with Pressler in Mozart 2 piano concerto… All in all a brilliant day, inspiring and exciting. Last 3 days, bring it on! Oh I forgot to mention today is Switzerland’s national day which was celebrated with fireworks, drinks and special cakes. Way too many fireworks…

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