August 2, 2013

Day 17

had last lesson with Rados, which went better than ever imagined or hoped- on cloud 9! Then ran to hear the incredible Ebene Quartet and the Calidore String Quartet who gave the world premiere of Ed Nesbit‘s stunning new piece ‘Night Dances’. Ed is Verbier’s composer in residence this year and was commissioned by the Festival to write a string quartet piece, which was fascinating; ” a new star is born” to quote our director:-) As an encore, the two quartets joined forces in Mendelssohn’s Octet- thrilling! Then we had our last chamber music coaching with the wonderful Gabor Takacs-nagy, who has inspired us throughout the Academy and made us achieve incredible things in this short space of time. He always quotes someone who he’s learnt from. I particularly liked “the goal of performing is not avoiding making mistakes but enjoying the music”. Although he said nowadays, everybody is obsessed with perfection of notes and he feels for us, the young artists. Fair point! The evening started with yummy cheese fondue, followed by Vengerov and Pressler in recital of Sonatas by Beethoven, Schubert and Frank. Pure gold!

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